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Sermon Ideas

Posted by Bible Sermons on Tuesday

Every clergy has his or her own unique way of preparing and delivering Church sermons.  However, there comes a time when a clergy runs out of sermon ideas and needs to come up with something that will not only inspire the congregation but also be thought provoking.

Here are a few tips to follow in order to keep your sermons fresh and continually motivating –

  • Read a lot of books. Many Christian books share inspiring stories about people’s lives and how God’s grace has changed them completely. See which story or idea in a book you can use and put it across in your own way. Apt examples taken from the lives of ordinary people make it easier for people to relate to and therefore gets their attention better than anything else.
  • Use the internet. There are many websites offering ideas for sermons. Websites like offer all kinds of different sermons which you can adapt to fit your needs.
  • PowerPoint sermons are an effective tool that many clergymen use today. If the place you are giving a sermon at has the facility of a projector then utilize it. In recent years many people have used PowerPoint presentations to effectively put their message across. Different people understand in different ways and PowerPoint presentations appeal to visual learners and aids in their understanding and retention of your sermon.
  • When using a PowerPoint to give your sermon make sure you use the right pictures and illustrations to reiterate your message.  Don’t just add something that looks appealing but is totally irrelevant to your sermon, this will not only distract your listeners but also make a poor impact.
  • Use more personal examples. People appreciate the fact that a clergy is honest. When people see the shortcomings in your own life and how God has helped you overcome these barriers they begin to look up to you as a guide and a counselor.
  • Most importantly, the sermon should suit your audience. If your audience is mostly the older generation then be more sophisticated and formal in the way you present your sermon. However, if the crowd receiving your sermon mainly consists of the younger members of your congregation then use topics significant to youth, communicating via PowerPoint presentations and a friendly manner.

At the end of the day there is loads of information on sermon ideas in books and on various websites but you have to pick and sift through them based on your understanding of your Church congregation and their needs.

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